(864) 833-3425 | 300 Jacobs Highway Clinton, SC 29325

  • Connie Uldrick
    Daughter of an Assisted Living Resident

    "The whole staff has the most loving Christian attitude. They exude the exam­ple of Christ. Bailey Manor is the perfect place for Mom's later years in life. I rest well at night with no worries in the world about the care of my mother. The family atmosphere makes you want to go in and sit a while."

  • Joann Moss
    Daughter of Assisted Living Resident

    "I have never seen or felt the true love and care for my mother and other residents or experienced such dedication by all the staff members, insuring not just daily care but the best quality of life for their residents."

  • Emmy Lou Fellers
    Assisted Living Resident

    "The staff is very nice. They are always helpful and have a pleasant attitude. This is home to us (residents)"

  • Tom Gentry
    Independent Living Resident

    "Bailey Manor quickly became our home away from home. It is smaller than other facilities, and everything is more personal."

  • Kathlyne Nussbaumer
    Assisted Living Resident

    "The workers are very nice to you. Someone is always there to help you or just sit down and visit."

  • Lane Goldsmith
    Assisted Living Resident

    "Bailey Manor is home. The people, other residents and staff are my family. I love it here!"

  • Pam Rambo
    Daughter of an Assisted Living Resident

    "From the first time my sister and I visited Bailey Manor, as we looked for a care facility for our parents, we were impressed by the love and care given to the residents. The atmosphere seemed homey and warm. We are thankful for the caregivers and an administration that individually knows the residents, views them as treasures, communicates well with us, and makes every effort to provide proper physical and mental care for our sweet mother."

  • Michelle Gentry Freeman
    Daughter of Independent Living Residents

    "I am caught in the sandwich generation between parents and children. When my parents moved to Bailey Manor, there was a weight lifted from me. I no longer had to worry, and I knew that someone else besides me had my parents' best interest at heart. Bailey Manor cares for the residents as well as their families. Bailey Manor is a gem, and there is not another facility that comes close to the love and care that is given."

  • Beatrice Huestess
    Independent Living Resident

    "I just love this place! The staff are so good to me."

  • Darrell Childres
    Independent Living Resident

    "I just want to thank all of you for being so helpful in making this move so pleasurable. You guys are truly a blessing to the community. Know that each day you help change lives. Wow. How great is that. Thank you for being there when our family needed you."